The Schwartz Miller Scholarship Endowment

The Schwartz Miller Scholarship Endowment was the idea of Andy Schwartz, a long-time Birkie skier who died unexpectedly in August 2021. After registering for the Birkie shortly before he passed away, Andy expressed concern to his wife Bunkie Miller that the race was getting expensive for many high school seniors. With college looming, he did not want these skiers to choose between skiing the Birkie/Korte or going to senior prom. “We should start a scholarship.”  

The Schwartz Miller Endowment will offer scholarships to high school seniors who are members of a ski team but for whom the entry fee is a challenge. Recommendations will be submitted in the fall through coaches who know their skiers needs. An equal number of male and female entries will be granted for them to ski the Birkie or Korte. Initially, 20 scholarships will be given until the endowment grows to generate more scholarships. A committee of coaches and Birkie staff will review applications and make the recommendations before year end.

The Birkie’s 50th Year is the perfect time to reflect on the race’s impact. Andy saw scholarships as a way to keep the Birkie’s spirit going for the next generation. “Ski a Birkie, Give a Birkie” and help grow the endowment to extend the Birkie’s reach!

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To make a donation please contact Tracy Lynn at