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Leave a legacy by contributing to the Foundation for the Endowment of the American Birkebeiner

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The Birkie Legacy Circle is an important program that recognizes all individuals who contribute to the Foundation for the Endowment of the American Birkebeiner. Endowment is a crucial part of how the Birkie organization is funded and provides a stable, permanent source of income.

Endowed funds are invested over the long-term and earnings are used to support the Birkie’s greatest needs now and in the future.

All donors who contribute to the Foundation for the Endowment of the American Birkebeiner are members of The Birkie Legacy Circle. All gifts to the endowment, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, qualify one for membership in the Birkie Legacy Circle. Donors may make a gift in their own name or in honor of someone else.

Types of Legacy Circle Endowment Gifts

Endowment gifts include: planned gifts such as a bequest in a will, charitable remainder trust, or outright gifts, such as of cash, stock or property. Use our Statement of Donor Intent form to let us know how you have included the American Birkebeiner in your estate plan.

A permanent and lasting way for you to support the Birkebeiner’s mission forever, is to contribute to its endowment.

Two Types of Birkie Endowment Funds to Give to:

Legacy Funds

Endowment donors who want to address well-recognized and long-standing needs should consider creating a Legacy Fund. Examples for consideration:

  • Recognition of those who have made lasting contributions to the Birkebeiner
  • Volunteer support and recognition events
  • Support of youth groups for travel, training, equipment
  • Trail maintenance and improvement
  • Capital equipment upgrades
  • Building maintenance

The Endowment will help design the structure of a Legacy Fund to best fit its overlying purpose. A minimum donation of $25,000 is needed to establish a Legacy Fund. After a Legacy Fund is established, additional contributions of any amount will be accepted from the larger community of Birkebeiner supporters. The first Legacy fund has been established! It is the Forerunner Legacy Fund.

Priority Fund

This is the general-purpose fund used to address the Birkie’s greatest needs. The Endowment will allocate distributions from the Priority Fund at its discretion. Funds will be used solely for the benefit of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation.


Birkie Legacy Circle Recognition and Honoring

Birkie Legacy Circle members are presented with a personalized certificate, and a distinctive gold “Birkie Legacy Circle” crest on their race day bib. There are special events and receptions for Birkie Legacy Circle members only, every year.

Make a Gift Today

Consider leaving a legacy for yourself or to remember an individual, with an endowment gift to the Birkie, and support the Foundation for the Endowment of the American Birkebeiner forever!

For more information or help in creating an endowment gift, please contact Audun Mikkelson, Development Director 907-433-9265 or

Birkie Legacy Circle Members!

Allison Slavick

Bill & Jane Butsic Family

Carol Fitzgerald

Carolyn Senty

Dr. Charles Schleevogt & Linda Adams

Cummisford Families: Jeff & Kevin

The Dahl & Brubaker Family

Dale & Wendy Brott

Dan & Jodi Hope Anderson

Dave Eckel

Fred & Sue Scheer

Gregg & Shari Hietpas

James Pearson

Jim Coors & Ann Pollock

Jim & Jean Gantz

Jim Michler aka jimmycuba

Jimmy VandenBrook

John Fitzgerald

John Garrett & Colleen Graham

John & Kine Torinus

John & Leslie Taylor

Jon & Sue Derksen Family

Jonathan Patz

Karen Ann Roesler

Kay Hoida Dawson Family

Leslie A. Johnson

Lori Steinbach

Madison Nordic Ski Club

Dr. Mark & Barbara Sharon

Dr. Marnie Pearsall & Marmutt

Melissa Putzer

Nathan & Holly Van Zeeland Family

Pam & Craig Heilman

Pat & Kay Meyer

Pat & Sue Quinn

Patrick & Shelley Duffy Family

Patrick Warpinski & Collette LaRue

Ralph Hansen Hendrix

Richard & Corinne Zabinski

Steve & Jyneen Thatcher

Steve Gordon & Pat Gavan Gordon

Timothy Nelson

Toby & Dorothy Markowitz

Tom Koss

Willie & Marilyn Gorham