You are invited to be a lifetime and permanent supporter of the American Birkebeiner! The first 35 (as there were 35 skiers at the first Birkie) who make a gift of $25,000 to the Endowment Forerunner Legacy Fund will be permanently recognized as a Forerunner of the Foundation for the Endowment of the American Birkebeiner.

D7A2699These 35 donors will forever be recognized on the Honor Wall at the Samuel C. Johnson Family Outdoor Center “OO” trail head and throughout the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation. Each of the 35 Forerunners will wear an distinctive “Endowment Forerunner” race day bib at each Birkebeiner ski race for the rest of their lives.

You can pay your gift over and up to five years. Groups can contribute collectively as a Forerunner as well.

Contact Audun Mikkelson for more information: or 907-433-9265 (cell).

We thank our first 30 Forerunners!

Meet the Birkebeiner Endowment Forerunners!
We will be featuring each of the Forerunners of the Foundation for the Endowment of the American Birkebeiner.
Look for links to be added below recognizing each Forerunner!

  1. John Garrett & Colleen Graham
  2. Jim Coors & Ann Pollock
  3. John & Kine Torinus
  4. Fred & Sue Scheer
  5. Lori Steinbach
  6. Jon & Sue Derksen Family
  7. Tom Koss Family
  8. Dan & Jodi Hope Anderson
  9. Bill & Jane Butsic Family
  10. Patrick & Shelley Duffy Family
  11. Joe & Cheri Hoida Family
  12. Pat & Sue Quinn
  13. Patrick Warpinski & Collette LaRue
  14. Karen Ann Roesler
  15. Toby & Dorothy Markowitz
  16. Willie & Marilyn Gorham

  1. Timothy Nelson
  2. Dr. Charles Schleevogt & Linda Adams
  3. Nathan & Holly Van Zeeland Family
  4. Kay Hoida Dawson Family
  5. Dale & Wendy Brott
  6. Forerunner – to be Announced 5/4/18
  7. Richard & Corinne Zabinski
  8. Jim & Jean Gantz
  9. Carolyn Senty
  10. Madison Nordic Ski Club
  11. James Pearson
  12. John & Leslie Taylor
  13. Dr. Mark & Barbara Sharon
  14. The Dahl & Brubaker Family