Forerunner #14:
Karen Ann Roesler

Karen RoeslerKaren Roesler caught Birkie Fever in 1981 when she played hookie from law school and skied Birkie No. 1.

Years later, when she was a prosecutor, she successfully moved the court for a one-day continuance of a murder trial so she could ski the Kortelopet.  The judge agreed with her that tradition is important; the defense attorney wanted an extra day to prepare for closing arguments.  It was a win-win situation for all (except for the defendant, whom the jury found “guilty as charged” during deliberations the following week).

Training for either the Korte (13 finishes) or the Birkie (19 finishes) kept Karen healthy and happy throughout her legal career.  Now retired, she plans to continue ski training, with her next goal of becoming a Birchlegger.

Keeping dreams alive, and fueling Birkie Fever, comes with a price tag.  Karen became a Forerunner in order to assure financial support for the Foundation of the American Birkebeiner so that others can follow their ski muse, and ski on “Happy Trails” for generations to come.

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